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Management Structure


The Somali health care system can be divided conveniently into three official sub sectors namely public, voluntary (Non Governmental Organisations) and private. The public sector comprises the Ministry of Health (MoH), Ministry of Local Government (MLG), and health services of other ministries and parastatals. The voluntary sub-sector consists of the mission health services and the health activities of what are popularly known as NGOs. The private sector includes the medical services provided directly by private health facilities and health professionals in private practices, also referred to as the private for profit sectors. There is also an unofficial sub sector comprising of institutions and providers over which the MOH has no control, i.e. traditional medicine consisting of herbalists, bone setter spiritual healers and other practitioners. The Public sector is the major provider of health services with a control of 58% of all health facilities, 42% of all beds and 530% of all health personnel. It is followed by the private sector and then the voluntary sector. The structure of the health services delivery id hierarchical in nature. The dispensaries and health centers provide the bulk of health services and form the first level of contact with the community. The district hospital form the next layer followed by the provincial hospitals. The both provide referral and outpatient services in addition to the requisite technical backstopping to facilities at the periphery. Somali National Hospital and Madina Hospital are at the apex as key referral, research and teaching facilities.

Organizational Structure


The Ministry Of Health is headed by the Permanent Secretary who is the Accounting Officer and the Chief Executive. Directly under is the Director of Medical service who is in charge of all technical issues regarding health in the ministry. Administratively, the MOH is divided into three department comprising various divisions which are responsible for the various functions of the Ministry.