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Health Care Finance
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Health Care Finance


Division of Health Care Financing

Division of Health Care Financing, which is composed of a multi-disciplinary team, is responsible for monitoring collection, control, custody, banking, programming and expenditure of cash and NHIF reimbursements to MOH health facilities in Somalia. The Division carries its core functions under the Department of Policy and Planning.
Mobilize optimal financial resources for efficient and high quality health care system that is accessible, equitable and affordable for every Kenyan.
To increase revenue collection efficiency for effective and efficient mobilization of financial resources for provision of integrated and high quality promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services to all Kenyans.
Core Functions
1. Formulation of sound policies on health care financing. This includes resource mobilization and ensuring that equity issues are addressed;
2. Mobilizing financial resources through cost sharing, health insurance
and community pre-paid schemes for efficient health service delivery;
3. Reviewing of specific health care financing strategies and identifying implementation requisites. This includes periodic reviews on mechanisms on enhancing access to health service delivery like waivers and exemptions;
4. Proposing initiatives for institutional and donor collaboration to support capacity building on health care financing;

5. Making periodic impact assessment on service utilization and financial performance of the cost sharing programme ;
6. Strengthening decentralization through District Health Management Boards, Hospital Management Boards and Rural Health Facility Committees by building capacity and devolution of authority and responsibilities;